Custom Tailored Suits & Repairs.

Stock Suit. Custom Tailoring.

We can help you tailor suits so they better support your teams in the field. If you need to add different elements to standard suits we provide, just ask. We can change neck, wrists, socks, and boots to suit your requirements. We can add pockets, fly zips, valves and Kevlar® reinforcement in high wear areas. We can also move valve positions and add inflation cylinder pockets based on your needs.

Please note: Tailoring options are dependent on the stock suit purchased. Please check with us which elements can be tailored on specific suits.

Suit Repairs 

We are proud to support the MoD and Military organisations across the world. We know that you need great quality repairs fast, That’s why we prioritise military suits in our repairs department over any others.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our Repair Technicians are some of the best in the business. A dedicated and diligent team, they know how important it is that their work be perfect, every time.

Waiting times can vary dependent on our workload, however turnaround can sometimes be as fast as one day. While we will always prioritise military repairs, if you need it for a certain time, please advise our team of this. You can always check on current time frames prior to booking suits in.

Repairs Department: +44 (0) 1257 25 69 37

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm

Custom suit - made to measure.

If you can’t find the right stock drysuit for your organisation, why not design your own?

Using our made-to-measure system you can work with our Military Sales Team to create a custom suit that’s perfect for your organisation, whether you need a drysuit, surface suit, transit or floatation suit.

You can add a multitude of elements to your suits. Choose material, pockets, boots, zipper and seals that fit your unique specification. We can even make none magnetic suits for added safety in the field. To complete your suits, you can personalise them with training numbers, lettering or your company badge.  

We like a challenge, put our skills to the test if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Customisable & replaceable suit parts.

The following suit parts can be used to build custom made to measure suits or tailor existing stock suits to specific requirements. Available options may vary dependant on the type of suit. Membrane and neoprene suits may not allow for all options shown to be applied, please use this as a guide only and contact the military department for specific details.

All parts of a Northern Diver built suit can be supplied as non magnetic for special operations. We use the best quality non-magnetic zips, valves and fittings to ensure the suit cannot be magnetised.

Yamamoto neoprene neck seals (short and standard styles)
Latex necks (available with out without neoprene warmers)
Hoods can be attached to suits (or supplied separate)
Neoprene wrist seals (cuff covers and protectors available)
Latex wrist seals (available with neoprene warmers)
Cuff systems fitted with user replaceable wrist seals or gloves
Replacement zips (metal and plastic available)
Fly zips fitted with either full of semi protective zip covers
Shortening of arms and legs
Light stick arm pockets (various styles available)
Inflation cylinder pockets - house cylinders of any size in any position required
Valves and positioning can be added or changed
Adjustable internal braces
Zipped transporter pockets 
Velcro closing bellows pockets 
Socks fitted to suit (neoprene, latex or tri-laminate variations)
Boots fitted to the suit (safety, hard sole or wellingtons available)