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Dry Glove Ring System from Northern Diver Our innovative Dry Glove Ring System is trusted by recreational, technical and commercial divers around the world in an incredibly diverse range of diving conditions, including contaminated water environments. The system has been designed for use with neoprene or membrane drysuits that have either latex or neoprene wrist seals. It'll fit almost any suit at almost any stock size. There should never be a fitting issue with a drysuit with latex seals as t...

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No ore cold hands for me

By Ian Watson on 27 Nov. 2013

I have just come out of Stoney cove, a cool 6 degrees. My hands are still dry and very warm. Well worth the money for that feeling alone. I would highly recommend these gloves!

Dry Gloves

By Andrew on 01 Dec. 2012

Excellent service (thank you Janis), and it's really great having dry hands at the end of a cold water dive. Far better than any 5mm gloves that I've used.


By Neil Whitby on 17 Jun. 2014

Warm dry hands... excellent. Thanks to Janis for his customer service skills and for helping me out.

Absolutely fantastic!

By Anonymous Customer on 29 Sep. 2015

This is actually my second glovesystem from ND and even better than the previous version. Specifically the gloves are far better than before. The new gloves feel like you are just wearing normal gloves giving excellent ability to use boltsnaps, reels, lights etc. I will absolutely be recommending these to everyone who´s asking what glovesystem to get!

Excellent service

By Guy Foster on 06 Jan. 2012

Sent dry glove system to ND to fit gloves and get some repairs done at the same time - they have been extremely helpful at all times and pulled out all the stops to get my suit back to me by a deadline - excellent products and service and especially helpful was Janis. Thanks

Superb - Thanks for shipping to the USA

By US Diver on 04 Apr. 2012

I am a volunteer recovery diver (drowning victims), evidence recovery for public safety organizations and we dive in the northeast US, all year round. My hands get very cold and have cut short some dives. Ordered and installed 2nd gen dry glove ring system (ND divemaster suit) and went in 33 degree F (about 0 celcius, maybe 1) for almost an hour..! Dry hands, warm, could have gone longer. We had to cut thru 13 inches (1/3 meter) of ice to get to the water very cold outside but these worked. So impressed, I am buying a 2nd set for my son.

Thanks for Persisting

By Shaun Thomson on 21 Jan. 2015

Stopped by on the way to a dive to get some thicker dive gloves. Was questioned the whole time why `I wouldn't take the plunge and and have the dry glove system attached to my drysuit', which was in the car. Finally persuaded, I took the plunge and after two dives with a water temp of 4C, I feel I wouldn't of done the second dive if I had been using wet gloves. The drygloves quickly attached on site, no leaks and warm hands. And after a bit of stretching from the natural air movement on the first dive was able to put them on by myself for the second dive. Extra bonus, if I needed to remove the ring it pops off and the dry suit looks like it did prior to the dry glove ring being attached. Thanks ND.

Amazing Dry Gloves

By Marc on 06 Sep. 2013

My old dry gloves had a leak and Janis (ND) suggested 2nd generation black dry glove system. Wow so much more dexterity and felt warmer too. Tried them in Eccy today. I sidemount so need as much dexterity as I can get. Would highly recommend them but my advice is get the Northern Diver Inners (come complete with the full system) and then get some merino wool inners to supplement them. End up toasty..

Multiplying Like Rabbits

By Danny Gregoris on 28 Mar. 2019

I dive cold water in Canada and was looking try dry glove systems. This seemed to be a good fit without requiring a suit customization commitment. Turns out that I liked them so much, I couldn't shut my mouth about having toasty warm hands post dive. Now three other divers are sporting the same set-up. We have noticed that the locking ring buttons can jam up after silty dive encounters and require a good flushing and silicone to keep them operating nicely. That positive lock, once the locking ring is rotated shut puts a smile on my face knowing I'm diving dry.

very satisfied

By Christophe Rutsaert on 01 Aug. 2019

very satisfied with these gloves. Easy to place them yourself. Very nice to put a straw under the seal to have warm hands... Even in water of 4 degrees (although it's recommended to lift your arm a bit so that warm arm from your body can go to your hand... and then lift the other arm).


  • Quick release and re-fit system
  • Revolutionary twin-safe locking ring mechanism
  • Easy to use and no assistance needed
  • Drysuit wrists stay sealed when gloves are removed
  • 3 sets of inner rings included for variable drysuit thickness
  • Chemical resistant Ansell gloves
  • Resistant to contaminating agents such as oil, hydrocarbons and acid
  • Internal anti-bacterial treatment
  • Textured fingers and palms for grip. Ansell glove Cut, tear and puncture resistant
  • Industry-leading grip and excellent dexterity
  • Lightweight nitrile shell with seamless nylon liner
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils and grease – gloves also have good grip in these conditions. Thermal fleece inner glove Thermal 4-way stretch fleece
  • Flatlock stitched seams for comfort
  • Snug fit around wrist area for additional thermal protection
  • Removable for warmer waters or for use post dive
  • Thermal fleece inner gloves
  • 2 dry glove modules
  • 3 sealing rings
  • Locking tool
  • Adhesive sealant
  • Instructional video available online - Click Here


Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.