Flexi-Light Stick | 8 Lumen | V1



COLOUR: Blue, Green, Infrared, White, Yellow, Red

FLEXI-LIGHT FIXING OPTIONS: No Extra Fixing Needed, 3M™ Adhesive Tape, Fixed Hook Velcro


A Flexible glow stick that's easy to use with a press to operate functionality. Get your 8 lumen Flexi-Light in one of five colours or IRR (Infrared). Depth tested to 60m. High intensity LED that projects light through a flexible silicone stick. The Flexi Light Sticks have a simple press-to-operate button under the coloured marker, which activates 3 modes: Mode 1. Flashing/On (36 hrs burn time)Mode 2. Constant (20 hrs burn time)Mode 3. Off  Developing Flexi-Lights. Our...

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  • Available in 5 colours and IRR
  • Output: 8 lumens
  • 60 meters depth rating
  • Visible distance: up to 3km
  • Simple push button operation
  • Can be repeatedly used with on/off switch
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Material: RoHS Compliant Polyurethane
  • Constant and flashing modes.
  • Mode 1. Flashing, Burn time 36 hours
  • Mode 2. Constant, Burn time 20 hours