Hotwater Saturation Diving Suit Evolution 8



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Neoprene Fabric
Superstretch Neoprene


Our Hotwater Suit has been developed over the last 20 years. It has been tested under the UK Balmoral platform in the North Sea, at a depth of 355 metres. It is trusted by commercial divers and schools around the world. The ergonomically designed suit is based around our unique heavy anodised water distribution valve, which includes a 360° stainless steel quick connector. The water flows through an anti-kink flat rubber pipe system, with the flow rate controlled by the diver. The pipes are dire...

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  • Tested under the Balmoral UK platform, North Sea at 355 metres depth
  • Diver climate control system
  • Polymer reinforced knee and shin pads. This and the adjacent polymer reinforced embossing which circles the legs in the calf area is ideal for duct taping boots or socks to the suit.
  • Two deep pockets with drain holes and equipment attachment eyelets.
  • Suit closure is by a heavy-duty Vislon YKK zip
  • Wrap-over neoprene neck with fleece lining
  • Supplied with one ID badge which is secured to the suit with velcro. Spare tags are available on request.
  • Neoprene shoulder epaulettes can be used as shoulder harness retainers which prevent your harness from slipping off your shoulders.
  • Light reflective strips on upper arms
  • Plastic embossed elbow area which continues round the arm, which is ideal for duct taping gloves to the suit. Wrist area has two pieces of diagonal velcro for glove attachment.
  • Anodised aluminium water distribution valve with 360 stainless steel swivel connector. When valve is not feeding the suit it dumps to the rear via control knob.
  • Featuring new flat pipe technology for additional comfort and a improved flow rate of 20%.
  • CE approved suit for use in excess of 50 metres depth


IMCA Member

IMCA Member

IMCA is the international trade association representing offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies. It seeks to strive for the highest possible standards with a balance of risk and cost in: health and safety; technology; quality and efficiency; environmental awareness and protection.
Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene Fabric

Small diamond neoprene fabric has a soft hand feel with enhanced heavy 3D textural appearance.

Its abrasion resistance is higher than standard nylon fabrics making it very suitable for drysuits.

The thickness of the FO4 neoprene varies dependent on suit specifications. Standard nylon lining has a stretchable soft/ smooth texture.

Available in various colours and MTP.

Superstretch Neoprene

Superstretch Neoprene

A 4-way stretch neoprene, super stretchy comfortable and versatile. Used on the neck and wrist seals of drysuits and wetsuits.