Incursion CMR Rebreather Mixed Gas Model


Chest or Back Mountable Rebreather for dives to 60m Safe And Compliant Developed out of the British and Norwegian rebreather safety initiative for commercial North Sea divers, a 200 man-year project, the Incursion CCRs are believed to be the safest rebreather that can be engineered today. Full compliance with all applicable safety standards, with open publication of the safety documentation are cornerstones of the design: the test results, failure analysis, performance measurements and compl...

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  • State of the art military rebreather offering O2 near the surface, switching to Nitrox or Trimix for deeper dives.
  • Rugged with low maintenance
  • Light: 10.4kg
  • Compact satchel style (590x360x145 mm) included breathing hoses and 2 cylinders
  • Clips directly to tactical jacket or to buoyancy aid, front or back mount, with the same unit.
  • EAC scrubbers for fast change-out, flood tolerance and safety
  • > 4 hour duration
  • Lowest Work of Breathing in industry at
    • 0.35 J/L at 10m, 62.5 lpm RMV,
    • 0.6 J/L at 40m on air, 40 lpm RMV,
    • 1.44 J/L at 40msw on air, 75lpm RMV,
    • 0.9 J/L at 100msw on Heliox, 75lpm RMV
      • Integrates with OTS through water comms
      • Std-Mag, Low-Mag and No-Mag options (to NATO STANAG 2897 Class A in all positions, static and dynamic tests).
      • Low acoustic signature to NATO STANAG 1158
      • Design and manufactured under ISO 9000 and IEC EN 61508 to SIL 3 certified process.