Life Raft



A Solas approved 10 person throw-over type life raft, suitable for use on ships and can also be dropped from a helicopter.

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  • Righting strap
  • Air pressure relief valve with plug (for hot conditions)Equipment packIncludes first aid kit; waterproof torch; food and water rations; drinking cup; knife; radar reflector; rocket parachute and smoke signals; signalling mirror; sponge; bailer; sea-anchor; thermal protective aids; anti-seasickness bag and medicine; fishing tackle; bow rope; brush; whistle; mending cloth, glue and emery paper; emergency plugs; emergency repair clamp; dry cells.
  • Shape: Regular octagon
  • Dimensions: 273 x 273 x 140cm
  • Upper air chamber diameter: 255 mm
  • Lower air chamber diameter: 295 mm
  • FRP container length: 1150 mm
  • FRP container diameter: 685 mm
  • Weight: < 101 kg
  • CO2/N2 cylinder – automatic inflation
  • Protective canopy
  • Boarding ramp and ladder
  • Inside and outside lifelines
  • Water stabilising pockets