Military Dive Wear

Our dive wear solutions are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards and in use with many militaries around the world.

If you cannot find what your looking for please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Military Drysuits

Military Drysuits

We supply a range of neoprene and membrane diving drysuits to us in any of your operational needs. We offer stock or specialised made to measure options. 
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Immersion Suits, Military Boating Operations Suits and Surface Suits.

Immersion, Boating/Surface Suits

From boating operations systems to FRISBOB immersion suits, Northern Diver are experts in providing any specialist kit you need.
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Military Undersuits & Thermal Garments

Thermal Garments

Undersuits are an essential part of any miltary dive kit, along with heated garments, changing robes, rash vest and socks.
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Military Wetsuits

Military Wetsuits

Semi-dry and steamer wetsuits available in camo or stealth black. For rescue operations we also stock a range of emergency rescue wetsuits.
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Thor - Contaminated Water Diving Rubber Suits

Contaminated Water Systems

Diving operations which involve risk of exposure to hazardous materials beyond the usual range encountered in professional diving can be supplied.
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Sea Rescue Suits & Equipment

Sea-Rescue Suits & Equipment

We sell a range of rescue drysuits and life jackets for sea rescue operations. To view our full range visit our dedicated rescue website.
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Saturation Diving Systems

Saturation Diving System

Developed over the past 20years the Hotwater System can offer a complete package to suit one of the most advanced forms of commercial diving.
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Military Gloves and Cuff Systems

Gloves & Cuff Ring Systems

A range of 5-finger gloves to replaceable dry cuff ring systems (with gloves or wrist seals), perfect for any professional military diver.
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Military Footwear

In-Water Boots

From military combat boots that are designed to have great grip on all surfaces and ladders to wet boots - all of which can be used in water. 
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Military Diver Sizer for Made to Measure Suits

Military Diver Sizer

For divers struggling to find their perfect size our made to measure service ensures you purchase a drysuit that fits you perfectly.
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Custom Tailored Suits & Repairs.

Custom Suit Tailoring & Repairs

We can help you tailor suits so they better support your teams in the field. If you need to add different elements to standard suits we provide, just ask.
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Suit maintenance and accessories

Suit Accessories

From products to keep your suit maintained and in good health to accessories that compliment any suit perfectly. This includes valves, hoses, hoods etc.
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