Northern Diver at Pyros/IDET 2017

Posted 14/07/2017

Recently we travelled to the Czech Republic to exhibit at the Pyros exhibition at the BVV exhibition centre in Brno, the Czech Republic's second city. We were exhibiting with our friends at Gumotex, a Czech manufacturer and our distributor in the country.

Pyros is the leading fire and rescue expo in the Czech Republic and was first held in 1972. The hall was packed out with the latest technology — everything from clothing and PPE to technical tools and heavy vehicles.

Part-housed in one of Gumotex's huge inflatable rescue tents, we exhibited a selection of our Specialist Rescue Equipment, including custom drysuits, PFDs, specialist helmets, inflatables and lighting.

The show has two other arms that run concurrently with Pyros. These are IDET (defence) and ISET (security). You'd be right to think the three shows combine to form quite a large operation.

IDET, the defence exhibition, is one of the largest in central and eastern Europe and is supported by NATO.

Over at IDET we had on show our military multi-terrain pattern drysuit and recently developed Digital Depth Gauge.

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