RR3 Sled in action with open water swimmers

Posted 08/06/2018

Our ever-evolving range of inflatables covers many different applications.

Morgan Williams, one of our customers, got in touch to show us our RR3 inflatable sled in action. The sled is in service with numerous rescue teams, but Morgan is a triathlon and open water swimming coach, and he deploys the sled and a towing jet ski so that a swimmer can be given swift in-water assistance if required.

Morgan's club, the Blue Lagooners, is based at the stunning Blue Lagoon lake in the heart of Yorkshire, close to the junction of the A1 and M62. The lake is a flooded limestone quarry fed by natural fresh water springs, meaning the water is crystal clear as it's been filtered through the surrounding limestone (like your bottle of mineral water!). Combine this with expert coaches and crew that have spent the last 20 years pioneering the sports of open water swimming and triathlon, both nationally and internationally, and you have the perfect recipe for an open water swimming, training and racing venue. For more information, visit bluelagooners.org and myevolve.com.

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