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Posted 18/07/2018

Britain's best-selling diving magazine, DIVER, have opened the voting for their 2018 DIVER Awards.

In the August issue of DIVER and online, you can vote for:

  • DIVER Brand of the year
  • DIVER Destination of the year (country)
  • DIVER Dive Centre of the year (name, location)
  • DIVER Liveaboard of the year
  • DIVER Product of the year (make, model)
  • DIVER Retailer of the year (name, Location)
  • DIVER Tour Operator of the year

There's also a newcomer of the year award, however, you can't vote for this directly. The winner of this category will be decided by the number of votes in other categories that go to newcomers in that area.

Vote for Northern Diver

If you love what we here at Northern Diver as much as we hope, you can vote for us in three categories: Brand, Product and Retailer of the Year. (You do have to cast a vote in all categories for your vote to count though, don't worry you can type "N/A" for any you don't know).

Product of the Year?

While we're sure you knew we were eligible in both the Brand and Retail category, you may not know much about our history in product design and development.

Across our whole portfolio - Commercial, Military, Rescue and the Northern Diver retail site - we design, create and develop products to enhance your diving, boating and water sports experience. From lighting to boats, bags, snorkels to the suits themselves, we're passionate about making quality gear for our customers.

Working with companies like DSI, we're developing exciting new subsea equipment specifically for the defence sector. But our passion and focus doesn't end there, we're always innovating and updating our product lines to ensure they're the best they can be for you, our customers. From our new look roll top dry bags with their new dry seal, to our new look Osprey boats, we want to help you have the best possible water experiences.

Why do we want to win?

Whether you kite surf, scuba dive, kayak, paddleboard, canoe, bodyboard or surf, we've produced a comprehensive range of drysuits, wetsuits, supporting accessories and equipment that we think you'll love. Winning product, brand or retailer of the year at the DIVER 2018 Awards would mean a lot to us because it’s recognition that you think we’re good at what we do and it’ll help us continue to go from strength to strength.

Cast your votes now

We hope you nominate Northern Diver: vote

Voting closes on Monday 30th September so get your nominations in soon!

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