Varilux Micro 800 Lumen Rechargeable Dive Torch



A powerful, rechargeable dive light specially designed for underwater use. The Varilux Micro, for your convenience, is an ultra-compact and lightweight dive torch, with a variable output – it serves as the perfect solution for your lighting needs. The maximum output of 800 lumens will burn for approximately two hours and on the lowest output of 80 lumens, it will last approximately 28 hours. Like most torches in our Varilux range, light output is controlled via a magnetic induction switch. P...

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The Best Holiday Dive Torch Ever

By Nicholas Deny on 06 Nov. 2013

I bought this torch at the London International Dive Show, from Alan, who’s knowledge of dive torches (and all areas of diving) is quite simply unsurpassed. His advice was absolutely spot on and I tried out my new purchase on my recent diving holiday, to find (as advised) that the output was perfect for overseas diving. Also, with the variable function, it’s also perfect for night diving, as you can turn the output down to a level that is appropriate and not ‘scare off’ everything underwater. The batteries do drain quite quick, if you accidentally leave them in when the torch is not in use but AL already drew my attention to the section on the instructions that explained about this and there are even slots in the torch box to store the batteries (when not in use), so I cannot mark the torch down for that and again, the advice was first class. Remember to take the AAA batteries out, after the dive and you will be as impressed with this dive torch as I am. Perfect for holiday diving and I have even used it in the mirk of Stoney Cove, with surprisingly good results. Thanks again to AL, for fantastic advice and a great chat at the dive show and thanks also to Northern Diver, for the best dive torch I’ve ever had.

12 Months on and Going Strong.

By K Place on 05 Sep. 2015

Purchased this torch at the 2013 Dive show at the NEC, was lucky in it was the last one available.. Over 12 months down the line and this torch has taken everything thrown at it in it's stride. I've dropped down stairs, left in water buckets for days, crushed it under mountains of kit and tanks. It has never let me down and I'm pretty sure it will out last me..! Fresh batteries and cleaned/greased seals are all the maintenance this brilliant dive torch needs. Word of advice - Thoroughly clean but don't lubricate the slider, let it go stiff.. (will save from being accidentally knocked on).


By Tony Brown on 10 Mar. 2016

Brilliant Torch nice and bright well made and works amazingly under water.


By Dan on 12 Feb. 2016

I used one of these Micro Torches in the dark and murky Eccy Delph during the Autumn months and it was absolutely fantastic! It was like a lightsaber underwater and lit up everything. I would highly recommend one of these torches.

Excellent Torch

By Brian on 20 Apr. 2016

As a relatively new scuba diver but someone who has started to dive in murky caves and wrecks, I wanted a decent first torch that offered a good light output. I use torches and lighting every day at work and know a good torch when I see it so I was pleasantly surprised by the light output from this torch and the build quality for relatively little outlay. The torch comes with a string strap, spare o-rings, a small bottle of silicone grease, charger, 18650 battery and lead for the charger.The complete package is here. Really good value. In use this torch is just excellent, I clip it to my BCD and it is always there when I need it, the beam has a nice spread but the central, focussed point is also very nice too, it has a good concentrated central cone of light which is brilliant for picking out objects or sealife. I have dived with this torch to 25 metres and it hasn't missed a beat, it just performs flawlessly despite being dinged off the seabed numerous times. The only thing holding this back from a five star rating is the switch, quite simply it could do with being a little bit bigger to make it easier to turn on/off with a gloved hand. Apart from that minor niggle this is a brilliant torch and represents extremely good value.

Fantastic compact torch

By Stuart Wallace on 08 Nov. 2021

Just got back from a week's liveaboard in the Red Sea and used the previous version of this torch, with the slider switch, all the time. So bright the other divers called it the "light sabre". Great battery life too. Also great to use it as my back-up in the UK. Will definitely be getting another one.

Varilux Micro 800 Torch

By Chris (via Trustpilot) on 08 Feb. 2022

Purchased the Varilux Micro 800 Lumen Rechargeable Dive Torch, very good service, quick delivery. Torch performance is exactly as described, fits very nicely onto a hand glove strap. Others have also purchased after seeing it operate.

Varilux Micro 800 Torch

By Chris (via Trustpilot) Jan 2022 on 22 Feb. 2022

Purchased the Varilux Micro 800 Lumen Rechargeable Dive Torch, very good service, quick delivery. Torch performance is exactly as described, fits very nicely onto a hand glove strap. Others have also purchased after seeing it operate.


  • Material: Anodised aircraft grade 6061 aluminium
  • Torch body colour: grey//blue
  • LED: 1x CREE XM-L2
  • LED lifespan: 100000 h
  • Burn time: 2-28h approx.
  • Brightness: 80-800 lm
  • Beam distance: 500m (1640’), beam angle: 5°
  • Peak beam intensity: 20000 cd
  • Impact resistance: 1m (3’3)
  • Depth rating: 100m (328’)
  • Light colour: white
  • Mode: on/off mode (dimming, high and low bright stepless dimming modes)
  • Switch design: magnetic induction
  • Lens: coated glass lens
  • Battery: 18650 3.7 V, 2600 mAh
  • Size (length*head diameter): 147*35 mm (5.8*1.4”)
  • Weight (torch): 153g (5.4oz)
  • Weight (torch and battery): 197g (6.9oz)