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Option: You can order Coda Dual Fin with non Magnetic Fins Straps More power is delivered through these fins, with less effort required from the diver. The patented design allows water flow to interact with each fin blade, producing independent thrust from each fin. The fins also produce thrust on each up AND down stroke, improving finning efficiency. The polymer was developed to ensure a stronger fin action in currents. The elastomer has a soft feel, with good spring, and retains its u...

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Good in Strong Currents

By Mark Carter on 25 Apr. 2016

Used these fins around mull but strap broke on second dive, so I would replace straps with metal spring straps. Apart from this, I found that the propulsion was very good, with little effort and good in strong current.

Stunning Manoeuvrability

By Michael Kovacs on 25 May. 2016

I have a pair of Northern Diver Jet Fins, which are fantastic for technical diving but on the heavy side for travelling. These fins are great for travelling. Shorter, much lighter and superb on dive boats, with very little 'standing room'. Also, I was amazed by the manoeuvrability. They were fabulous on shallow reefs in the Red Sea, in current, twisting and turning while looking for things of interest to photograph. I have since used them in the UK and surprisingly, they aren't that much less powerful than the Jet Fins, even with twins and stages..!

Fins with Impact

By William Ball on 06 Oct. 2015

I have used these diving fins on 35 dives so far and I must say they have preformed way beyond my expectations. My buddies that have also tried them have also been very impressed with their fining efficiency, fit and durability. Thanks to Craig at Northern Diver for suggesting these great dive fins. I even bought another pair for the wife :)


  • Patented dual split-fin design
  • Unique ‘nature’s wing’ shape
  • Superb power and performance
  • Heavy duty build quality
  • Very efficient finning on up/down strokes
  • Lightweight
  • Boot size: M fits 4-6 UK , L fits 7-10 UK, XL fits 11+ UK


Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.