1000g Black Thor Drysuit


Our Thor drysuit is manufactured from a vulcanised polymer created from a mix of high-grade rubber and EPDM. Vulcanised laminated polymers are carried on a multidirectional 4-way-stretch knitted polyester, which gives excellent strength and durability. The Thor is suitable for commercial diving applications but is also an excellent option for military and rescue purposes. The Thor has been thoroughly tested at the Austin Institute in Texas, USA. All Thor drysuits are CE approved and con...

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Great suit (which needs better valves)

By Christian "Causetout" J. on 19 Mar. 2018

Have been diving this suit for over a decade now. No punctures,no rips, no leaks. It is a very heavy suit (10kg), but you can enter any wreck without having to worry about your suit's integrity. After 9 years I had to get the seals changed, as they started rotting too bad. I have the variety with the latex hood and beany. Its looks weird but is the best you can think of. Especially with a FFM. The only point of improvement would be the inflation valve. My suit came with an all plastic "V-Tech" valve that somehow just fell away (3 of the 5 retaining clamps inside just broke off). Needs a sturdier all metal valve. All in all still a great product! Would highly recommend to anyone diving in conditions where you are bound to scrape and grind your suit to a variety of substrates ^_^.


  • Chemical permeation resistant
  • Triple-vulcanised bonded for life seams with reinforced knee & crotch area
  • CE Approved