Inflatable Rescue Tube (5m, 7m or 10m)


HOSE LENGTH: 5m (16'4), 7m (22'9), 10m (32'8)


The Inflatable Rescue Tube is a first response solution for water rescue and invaluable in situations where the casualty is conscious and able to assist. The system can be deployed in numerous ways during a rescue operation, depending on the prevailing conditions. On flowing water, the inflated Tube can be positioned at an angle across the flow to provide a buoyant lifeline for waterborne casualties. The angled Hose aids water rescue by allowing a safe, controlled route to safety. The Hose ca...

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Great Rescue Hose

By Volunteer Officer Andy Smith MVS, Head of Unit, Maritime Volunteer Service (Rushden Unit) on 29 Jul. 2016

Easily transportable (can be carried by a single person and deployed). Many varied uses in resilience /rescue situations.


  • Lightweight
  • High visibility and available in any colour you require
  • Stainless steel 316 marine grade D-rings, located every two metres along the tube
  • Packs down into the supplied rucksack
  • Custom lengths can be arranged