AQ4 Jotron Strobe MkII



Personal marking and distress strobe light. Combining the best features of previous Jotron products the AQ-4 and AQ-5, the Jotron AQ-4 MK2 is a multi-purpose strobe light. This high quality MkII was developed to be robust enough for extreme maritime as well as onshore environment use. Depth tested to 300 metres the AQ4 Jotron MkII is the ideal, durable water proof light with strobe capability. Waterproof down to 300 metres. The high intensity LED of white light can be used either as a fixed o...

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  • Designed for extreme environments
  • White high intensity LED
  • Flash or fixed light
  • Activation/Operation: Two-way switch
  • Run time: Approximately 8 hours "flash" mode, approx. 7 hours "fixed" mode
  • Light intensity: 50-flashes per minute, approx. 6 Cd (> 2 Nautical Miles)
  • Waterproof: 300m
  • Battery type: 1 Akaline C-Cell
  • Dimensions: 155mm (L) x 45mm (D)
  • Weight: 200g