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Non-Magnetic Item


The Bio Neck Seal is a revolutionary new concept in assisting a diver or drysuit user to achieve a continual leak free and comfortable neck seal, whilst in water or underwater. A standard Latex or Neoprene drysuit neck seal can develop a problem with minor leaks, due to natural imperfections, around the area where a divers neck meets the dry suit neck seal. This can become uncomfortable, especially after extended periods in or under water, both during a dive and on the surface, in between mult...

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For Open Water Swimers

By Gozo Dave on 20 Sep. 2015

If you are an open water swimmer and suffer from neck burn, throw away your lotions and invest in this amazing Bio Neck Seal. You will never have neck burn again and it also stops water from going down at the neck... The stickiness wears in time and gets easier to put on so don't get too frustrated at first.

It works!

By Peter Messenger on 04 Sep. 2017

Needed a quick fix for a leaking neck seal on my old dry suit until I can sort out the problem permanently and this seems to have done the trick having used it just once so far. The bio-seal is a comfortable snug fit around my neck and the neoprene neck seal fits on to it well. It's easy to put in place and caused no problems over the 6 hours that I had it on.Just hoping it holds out for a weeks diving in the Scillies.

Update of last review

By Peter Messenger on 07 Oct. 2017

After a weeks diving in the Scillies I am very impressed. A week of no neck seal leaks and comfy dives - 8 in total over 4 days - 2 days lost due to weather. It was still as easy to fit and no problems with leaving it on between dives. No problems when putting hood on - I have a Waterproof H1 5mm hood. At the end of the day just wash in fresh water, leave to dry and then back in the container. Lot of interest from other divers. A good investment as a quick fix solution.


  • Medium – 11”-14”
  • Large – 15”+
  • Helps to Achieve a Continual Leak Free Neck Seal
  • Reduces Natural Imperfections in Drysuit Neck Seals
  • Greatly Reduces Neck Seal Leakage
  • Vastly Increases Overall Neck Seal Comfort
  • Useful for Diving, Surfing and Many Other Water Sports


Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.