Bodycore Sub Zero Undersuit



The Bodycore Sub Zero is a low profile one-piece undersuit, suitable for cold to very cold conditions. It's constructed with a double fleece layer, super soft inner lining and a rugged outer shell. Additional three-needle stitching is present around the neck, wrists and ankles for extra strength. The Bodycore's foot stirrups are designed to keep you comfortable when diving. There's also thumb stirrups present at the wrists - these useful fabric loops are used to keep the garment's arms in posi...

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At last - warmth and comfort for winter diving in the Uk

By Peter Messenger on 03 Jan. 2019

I am very impressed with both the fit of this undersuit and its thermal properties. On my first dive with the Bodycore sub zero undersuit under a 5mm O'Three neoprene drysuit I found that it was not bulky and I could move freely when coxing the club RIB and helping other divers dekit before reboarding after their dive. Underwater I felt warm throughout the dive with no real cooling until stopping to decompress when the suit had little air in it. The dive was in water at 11C for 49 min to a max depth of 25m. On other dives in the Scillies at 12C without this undersuit I was feeling the cold after around 25 mins. I now intend to do a lot more winter diving as a result. For information - I am a BSAC AI and have been diving for nearly 50 years mainly in the UK.

Bodycore Subzero

By Customer (via Trustpilot Nov '22) on 14 Nov. 2022

I bought the Bodycore Subzero undersuit from the Clearance page. Really fast delivery and a fantastic undersuit - really warm and fits like a glove. Just the thing to take me through the winter in our chilly UK waters. I can't fault the suit and the price was amazingly low for such a quality product.


  • Flatlock seams with additional three-needle stitching around the neck, wrists and ankles
  • Front entry zip
  • Zipped pocket (right arm)
  • Adjustable collar, fastened with hook and loop patches
  • Tog rating 1.4