CR-4 Standard 4 Wire Comm Rope



PRICED PER FOOT WITH A 2 WEEK LEAD TIME. PLEASE CALL +44(0)1257 254444 TO PURCHASE CR-4 ComRope is 100% Polyester, 7/16″ static kernmantle rope designed with four specially configured wires down the centre. We offer the CR-4 by the foot but also sell it complete with the connectors on each end.  Configuration Tenders End: AMP-4M, 4 pin male conn. with gripper ringAMP-4M, 4 pin male conn. with gripper ringBanana plugs (Red & Black)Banana plugs (Red & Black)Banana plug...

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  • 100% Polyester, Kernmantle
  • 800 lbs (average) rope will break
  • 4 wires — Quad 4 Balanced Cable
  • 7/16″ with wire
  • Yellow with Blue Strike or Blue with Yellow Strike
  • Maximum roll = 1,000′ (also sold by the foot)