Freestyle Safety Boots V2


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The most popular boot in the water rescue market, our Freestyle Safety Boot now features Velcro straps and an upgraded sole.

The boot provides excellent comfort, control and protection – in water, on land, even on moss and seaweed.

The boot also features a Velcro close wide opening, making the donning process quick and easy.

BS EN ISO 20345 approved.

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Great product from a great company.

By Shane France (HFRS) on 03 Aug. 2015

I was sent a pair of these boots to trial. Presently our service uses Goliath or 5.10 SAR boots, but to be honest I am not satisfied with these boots, in fact our water rescue team are so impressed with the Northern Diver V2 boots that we are hoping to secure a new purchase of a set of these to replace our current issue. Safety wise these boots tick all the boxes. The Velcro straps are a revelation and the boots are very comfortable, gone are the days where you have to order boots 2 sizes too big to squeeze your feet into, or having to get your feet wet to make the comfortable. Great product from a great company. Thanks Craig


By Neil Graham WSFRS on 20 Jul. 2012

have had these boots on trial now for nearly 3 months. All I can say is, Fantastic!! Worn in N Wales, tidal water in Sussex and Lee Valley WWC Very good! Good grip, especially on slippery rock in N Wales where 5.10s weren’t gripping. Cleated sole really helps grip slippery rock edges. Velcro closure works well. Great work guys! I highly recommend these boots.

Feedback after trials

By Dan Wootton (DDFRS) on 09 Aug. 2016

I have trialled the boots on a couple of courses and they seem great. The Velcro makes life a lot easier as the buckles on the previous model were a bit awkward, especially if your hands were cold. It stays done up and I guess is less of an entrapment risk. The profile appears to be a little less cumbersome too, which aids movement when bankside and while swimming. The grip is good; a fantastic upgrade!. All in all I think they are a great improvement and a rival to the 5.10’s, especially now they have laces for some unknown reason!

Freestyle safety boots

By Gary Reader on 13 Jun. 2019

Bought these on recommendation from a colleague and having got them yesterday I used the boots on an operational job and I have to say there were very comfortable, like wearing trainers. Great grip and did the job better than I had expected. Washed down well too. I can’t really say enough about them. Really impressed. As for the price I actually think they are really well priced reasonable for what you get from them.

Very quick delivery

By Bob (via Trustpilot) on 08 Feb. 2022

Very quick delivery, been looking for velcro fastening waterproof safety boots for years, these are brilliant. Found them by accident. Great for farm work. Bob


  • Super-grip rubber sole
  • Composite toe and mid-sole foil
  • Neoprene Insoles for Extra Comfort
  • Available in Sizes: 5–14 "over sized"
  • Drain Holes