Freestyle Safety Boots V2


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The most popular boot in the water rescue market, our Freestyle Safety Boot now features Velcro straps and an upgraded sole.

The boot provides excellent comfort, control and protection – in water, on land, even on moss and seaweed.

The boot also features a Velcro close wide opening, making the donning process quick and easy.

BS EN ISO 20345 approved.

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Great product from a great company.

By Shane France (HFRS) on 03 Aug. 2015

I was sent a pair of these boots to trial. Presently our service uses Goliath or 5.10 SAR boots, but to be honest I am not satisfied with these boots, in fact our water rescue team are so impressed with the Northern Diver V2 boots that we are hoping to secure a new purchase of a set of these to replace our current issue. Safety wise these boots tick all the boxes. The Velcro straps are a revelation and the boots are very comfortable, gone are the days where you have to order boots 2 sizes too big to squeeze your feet into, or having to get your feet wet to make the comfortable. Great product from a great company. Thanks Craig


By Neil Graham WSFRS on 20 Jul. 2012

have had these boots on trial now for nearly 3 months. All I can say is, Fantastic!! Worn in N Wales, tidal water in Sussex and Lee Valley WWC Very good! Good grip, especially on slippery rock in N Wales where 5.10s weren’t gripping. Cleated sole really helps grip slippery rock edges. Velcro closure works well. Great work guys! I highly recommend these boots.

Feedback after trials

By Dan Wootton (DDFRS) on 09 Aug. 2016

I have trialled the boots on a couple of courses and they seem great. The Velcro makes life a lot easier as the buckles on the previous model were a bit awkward, especially if your hands were cold. It stays done up and I guess is less of an entrapment risk. The profile appears to be a little less cumbersome too, which aids movement when bankside and while swimming. The grip is good; a fantastic upgrade!. All in all I think they are a great improvement and a rival to the 5.10’s, especially now they have laces for some unknown reason!

Freestyle safety boots

By Gary Reader on 13 Jun. 2019

Bought these on recommendation from a colleague and having got them yesterday I used the boots on an operational job and I have to say there were very comfortable, like wearing trainers. Great grip and did the job better than I had expected. Washed down well too. I can’t really say enough about them. Really impressed. As for the price I actually think they are really well priced reasonable for what you get from them.


  • Super-grip rubber sole
  • Composite toe and mid-sole foil
  • Neoprene Insoles for Extra Comfort
  • Available in Sizes: 5–14 "over sized"
  • Drain Holes