Full Face Divator Aga Mask

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Please note: Aga rail and Torches are not included. These items can be purchased separately. The Interspiro AGA Divator Mk II Mask was designed for maximum comfort and is easy to operate in all environments and under all conditions, making it ideal for divers who work in cold or polluted water. The DIVATOR valve is one of the most reliable valves available. It performs in even the harshest of conditions, such as mud, oil and fast-flowing cold currents. The lightweight design with soft t...

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I love it

By Paul bradbury on 06 Aug. 2018

I love this mask it makes it so much easier for my work. brilliant


  • EN 250 compliant
  • Medium pressure range: 5-11 bar
  • Opening pressure: 12-20 bar
  • Breathing valve LP connection: M16 male (hoses for alternative connections are available)
  • Temperature range: –30 to 70°C
  • High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance for increased diver performance
  • Safety valve
  • Leak-preventing double sealing on the exhalation valve and soft, flexible mask sealing
  • Low “dead space” volume - air consumption and CO2 build up is minimised