Hotwater Boots


FOOT SIZE: S - BOOT UK 7-8, M - BOOT UK 9-10, L - BOOT UK 10-11, XL - BOOT UK 11-12, XXL - BOOT UK 12-13


High grade 5mm neoprene

High cut of the boot ensures the hot water is trapped within the suit and the boot

Keeps the diver warm and comfortable

Worn in conjunction with the Hotwater suit

Boot Sizes

• S - 7-8 Boot

• M - 9-10 Boot

• L - 10-11 Boot

• XL - 11-12 Boot

• XXL - 12-13 Boot

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Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

To use the non-magnetic symbol for our diving suits and equipment, we have our products individually tested at QinetiQ, Portland.