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Hydra A-Clamp Regulator Set


Northern Diver’s EN250-A certified Hydra regulator is designed for cold water (less than 10ºC) and more extreme diving conditions, as well as warmer water and less intensive dives. The Hydra is supplied with a regulator case and computer case, and it’s available with a DIN or A-clamp connection. See below for the regulator’s complete specification. First stageThe first stage system is created from a single piece of brass, which is then subjected to an electro-galvanic process. Environmental a...

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Choosing the best budget regulators . . . .

By Scuba Magazine on 25 Sep. 2017

It may have eaten up the whole £350 budget, but Northern Diver's Hydra arrived as a nicely packaged bundle that included not only the Hydra first and second stages but an alternate supply second stage too - all contained in a padded zipped case complete with its own computer safe. The chrome-plated-brass first stage is environmentally sealed and features four angled, intermediate-pressure and two high-pressure ports. I particularly liked the hoses, which seemed flexible and lightweight. Both second stages, manufactured from a lightweight resin, are identical barring the octopus's extended yellow hose and faceplate. Although on the large side, the second stage was light and comfortable in use and purging was no problem at all, thanks to its full-face, circular purge button. Both second stages breathed very well and the Venturi lever was easily accessible and efficient. Although only a minor point, but perhaps pertinent to photographers, I was occasionally aware of a stream of small bubbles from the exhalation deflector coming into view. SCUBA says: The Northern Diver Hydra bundle may eat up your £350 but you shouldn't feel short-changed. Whether you're an individual starting out, or a club looking for value-for-money kit for trainees, it's an attractive all-in option. *Prices correct in October 2017