Incursion CMR - Combined Mode Military Rebreather



The Combined Mode Military Rebreather (O2-CCR, SCR, Switchable CCR / SCR) is front and back mountable and is a safe and reliable military rebreather, supporting all mission profiles. BENEFITS Covers all mission profiles with one unitLow cost in capital and ownership: lifetime warranty and free upgrade policyDive turn around time of minutes, using EACs and ready cleaning accessNo surprises: All test data published, audited and verified APPLICATIONS Shallow Mine Counter...

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  • State of the art military rebreather supporting O2-CCR and SCR operating modes, both dedicated and underwater switchable
  • Front or back-mount, with the same unit
  • CE, NORSOK and NEDU standards compliant & certified
  • Functional Safety to SIL 3: audited, with full disclosure of safety case, all test data, FMECA, HAZOPs etc
  • Rugged with exceptional availability, backed by lifetime warranty on design, parts, materials and safety
  • Light: 10.3kg to 17.4kg depending on configuration, ready to dive including trim weights, scrubber and gas
  • Compact satchel style ( 35 x 41 x 16cm) including cylinder
  • Internal counterlungs for high entry or scooter use
  • Flood tolerant – can be recovered from a flood underwater without surfacing
  • > 4 hour scrubber duration, >6 hour gas duration
  • Lowest Work of Breathing in industry at 0.35 J/L at 10m, 62.5 lpm RMV, 0.6 J/L at 40m on air, 40 lpm RMV, 1.44 J/L at 40msw on air, 75lpm RMV, 0.9 J/L at 100msw Heliox, 75lpm RMV
  • Fully field serviceable without tools
  • Low maintenance, with all servicing and repairs able to be performed in-country: technician courses available
  • Cylinders are avionic (vacuum) tested for HALO use
  • Integrates with OTS through water comms
  • Low-Mag as standard and Non-Mag options (to NATO STANAG 2897 Class A, static and dynamic tests)
  • Low acoustic signature to NATO STANAG 1158
  • Surface Buoyancy Device available
  • Clips to dive-able tactical vest carrying body armour
  • Proven with Naval and Special Forces around the world from arctic to tropics