Incursion Rebreather Diver Spares Kit

STOCK CODE: OSEL-IncursionDiverSpares



  • Supplied with every Incursion rebreather in a waterproof Pelican-type case with foam insert.
  • Flowmeter (for SCR models only)
  • All Viton and EPDM O-rings x1 with O-ring chart
  • All silicone seals
  • DSV C-Clips x4
  • Anti-Insect P-connector plugs x2
  • Anti-Insect hose plugs x2
  • Loop Pressure Test plugs x2
  • Weldable Star connector seals x2
  • M26 to G5/8 filling adapter x1
  • One-way valves x2
  • Water dump valve x1
  • Hose covers x2
  • Tribolube 71 satchets x2

Model number – OSEL-IncursionDiverSpares

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