Inflatable Buoy with removable Cyalume Light Sticks


An inflatable orange PVC buoy with a centre hole running the length of the buoy, which accommodates a hollow, transparent rod with an attached line. The rod houses a light stick at both ends. The cyalume light sticks are activated by snapping and shaking them, and they slot into the rods screw lids. Burn time is 8 hours. The inflatable buoy is available with a 45m line, marked at metre increments, with a special colour coding system to mark out larger measurements visit the website for more de...

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  • Inner hole diameter (deflated): 26 mm
  • Inner hole diameter (inflated): 25 mm
  • Rod length: 53 cm
  • Buoy length: 24.5 cm
  • Buoy width: 21 cm
  • Buoy circumference: 78 cm