Inline Gas Analyser




The Inline Gas Analyser is suitable for pre-use checks on compressed air cylinders and continuous monitoring for surface-supplied breathing gas.

The unit can be adapted to monitor additional gases, such as helium, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and propane.

There is a built-in memory stick download port, which can be used to monitor equipment performance.

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  • No requirement for a separate look up table
  • - 20 to 50°C
  • Oxygen concentration range: 0.1% to 100%, accuracy +/-1%
  • Operating time using internal battery: > 8 hours at 20°C, > 4 hours at - 20°C
  • Option for user-adjustable settings, including: Oxygen concentration alarm levels
  • Calibration using any oxygen concentration
  • LCD display brightness
  • Automatic compensation for temperature and humidity
  • Calibrated using ambient air
  • Hi-lo oxygen concentration alarm, factory-set to lo = 19.9% and hi = 21.9%
  • Audio and visual alarm
  • Alarm mute button, resets after 30 seconds
  • IP 65 rated enclosure
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery 100V~240V AC
  • Power supply / battery charger with 3-pin & 2-pin adaptors
  • Battery protection circuit
  • The Inline Gas Analyser has the capability within the PCB to monitor helium, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • There is also the provision to download the stored data by means of a USB.
  • Includes: Power supply/battery charger with adapters
  • Hand priming pump for calibration
  • Factory-set gas flow regulator for SSD systems
  • Connection tube (flow regulator to analyser)
  • Humidity sensor and gas conditioning circuit (unit is self calibrating)