7mm Kevlar® Mitts




Ideal for cold water diving, these mitts are manufactured from 7mm superstretch neoprene, which will keep your hands super warm and protected.

The protection of this mitt is additionally enhanced with Kevlar® from the tips of the fingers right down to the palm. The glove also has polymer reinforced seams.

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I freaking love these gloves

By Lucas on 09 Apr. 2016

Of all the diving gloves that I’ve used these kevlar mitts are definitely the best. When diving commercially, other so called heavy duty gloves will fall apart (sometimes after just one job) and I’m not talking about economy gloves, I’ve sometimes spent quite a lot of hard earned cash hoping for a longer lasting dive glove. These kevlar gloves from Northern Diver are by no means the most expensive dive gloves you can buy but in this commercial diver’s opinion, they certainly are the best. Obviously, they are not fantastically flexible but what you lose in flexibility, you more than gain in thermal and hard wearing properties. If you need to keep your hands warm and protected in harsh conditions, buy these, I did and I will now not buy anything else.


By Norbert Streich on 24 Feb. 2017

These gloves fit very well to dry dive suit. Have tried many gloves, even dry. These are warm and durable, I would buy again. The patches do not interfere under water, you have to get used to them over water.

SCUBA says

By Scuba Magazine on 16 Jan. 2018

Despite being made of 7mm neoprene, these Kevlar mitts don't compromise your dexterity too much, but do provide a simple and inexpensive solution to keeping your hands warm on cold dives. If you prefer wet mitts, Northern Diver's Kevlar mitts are designed specifically for cold-water use. Made of a 7mm super­stretch neoprene, and with thumb and forefinger separated from the three ­fingered mitt section, the design allows sufficient dexterity to carry out essential tasks with relative ease. The entire palm and fingertips are reinforced with Kevlar for abrasion resistance and the seams are reinforced. The soft neoprene wrist seal, combined with a Velcro strap, helps restricts water movement so what little water enters stays where it can help insulate against the colder water outside.

Too thin

By John on 04 Sep. 2021

I've had these gloves twice now. They are good for light work in the water but will get holes in them quickly if you do any work that requires the use of your hands often. The Kevlar wears down easily and there is barely anything to protect your hands underneath it. 2 weeks and I have holes in both gloves.

Northern Diver Mitts

By Ailin Rafferty (via Trustpilot) on 08 Feb. 2022

I am a commercial scallop diver in the State of Maine, USA. I needed new mitts for work. The ones I’ve always used are discontinued. Local shop are only selling one brand that is the right style but definitely not rugged commercial grade. They are more for winter water sports. I ordered 2 pairs of mitts from Northern Diver, and with the cost of shipping my order still cost less than 1 pair off the shelf here. The order process was easy. No complications. Northern Dive kept me up to date of where my parcel was. The mitts arrived to day. They are an even better quality, and construction than I expected. Excited to go swimming tomorrow and try them out!


Non-Magnetic Item

Non-Magnetic Item

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