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Diver Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) A Launch and Recovery System, also known as LARS, is a piece of equipment that subsea and marine companies use. They’re designed to get Commercial Divers and subsea equipment into and out of the water quickly and safely. The main features of a Launch and Recovery System are: Base Skid A-Frame (so named for its shape)Guide Weight Diving Basket / Cage Twin Pump / Motor Hydraulic Powerpack Man-riding Winches Northern Diver makes Launch...

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Good enough for the Ministry of Defence

By James Griffiths MIMarEST on 09 Nov. 2018

Northern Diver supplied us with an IMCA (D018 & D023) compliant Diver LARS. The build is of the highest standard and the level of support and customer service during the whole process has been first class. Its installation is extremely fast and straightforward; this coupled with the ease of use makes it a very versatile and capable.


  • Safe working load: 2t
  • Maximum outreach: Approx. 1000mm from front of base
  • Width between arms: 1730mm (approx.)
  • Height to top of main arm: Approx. 4600mm with arm extended
  • Hanging points on arm: three off – 2 tonne SWL 1x main basket 2x for guide weight
  • Overall dimensions frame fully open: 3000mm L x 2000mm W x 4500mm H
  • Transport position closed: 3000mm L x 2000mm W x 1850mm H
  • Overall weight: Approx. 1200kg tare, 3000kg gross
  • Hydraulic winches: 2x DSI man riding winches 1x winch with 150mtr wire (guide weight) 1x winch (main with 90m wire) 13mm dia anti-rotational wire rope
  • Hydraulic oil: ISO hydraulic 46
  • Two-man dive basket: 1200mm L x 1000mm W x 2500mm H
  • Guide weight: 1520mm L x 250mm W x 325mm H