Latex Neck Seal


SIZE: S | 13.5" (34cm), M | 14" (36cm), L | 14.5" - 15" (37 - 38cm), XL | 15.5" - 16.5" (39 - 42cm), XXL | 17"+ (43cm+)


Latex neck seals are very popular amongst UK drysuit users and divers. However, after extended use, they can start to wear and the risk of tearing increases. We have therefore listed our popular heavy-duty latex drysuit seals as 'spares', available to purchase separately. Alternatively, if you need to replace a latex neck seal but you are not confident with fitting the seal to your own drysuit, it can easily be fitted for you by a member of our professional repairs team, in our on-site drysuit...

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