Logosease LGS-RG004 Underwater Comm's

MODEL: Receiver only, Transmit & Receive


Three Channel underwater communication 55 metres under the surface. The battery life on the Logosease LGS-RG004 Underwater Comm's is three hours if it's in continuous use. It can be used in water temperatures from 0°C to 40°C. Depth tested to 55m, the maximum communication range is 50m to 100m, whichever channel of the three you use. There are three channels available for use; A, B and C; although the device is preset to Channel A. The LGS-RG004 trasmits and receives communications through ult...

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  • 3 channels
  • Max. 3 hours continuous use
  • Max. 50 - 100m comms range
  • Max. 55m waterproof depth
  • Ultrasonic wave transmission & receiving
  • Tap or VOX operation
  • Voice recorder
  • Training mode