Multi Purpose Hanger



Northern Diver have designed a universal hanger, for the upright storage of a drysuit, wetsuit BCD or stab jacket. This type of hanger allows the upright drying of a wetsuit, drysuit, BCD or stab jacket, allowing all the excess water to drain away. It is good scuba diving equipment maintenance practice to ensure that you drysuit, wetsuit, BCD or stab jacket is completely dry and clean before storing. Achieved by rinsing any grit, dirt or salt away using clean, fresh, lukewarm water. The scub...

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  • For the Upright Storage of a Wetsuit or Drysuit
  • Upright Drying for a Wetsuit, Drysuit or BCD
  • Manufactured from Lightweight Heavy-Duty Material
  • Ergonomic and Compact Design for Easy Storage
  • Really Useful Scuba Diving Accessory