Nemo Angle Grinder Underwater Tool



The Nemo ANGLE GRINDER (AG-22-5Li-50) was developed due to customer demand for a light-weight, submersible, cordless angle grinder. The Nemo ANGLE GRINDER has a maximum operating depth of 50m (164ft) and its 1500-watt brushless technology ensures maximum efficiency and durability. It is equipped with a dead man’s switch that automatically turns off the tool if it is dropped. This tool has a salt-water resistant black and red paint job and comes with a carrying case, battery charger, pressure va...

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  • Wheel Diameter: 4.5 in
  • Submersible speed: 6,500 RPM
  • Dry-land speed: 9,500 RPM
  • Battery: (2) 22V Li-Polymer 5Ah
  • Overall Length: 14.2 in
  • Net Weight: 6.1 lbs