OTS SP-100D-2 2-Channel Station



The SP-100D2 Surface Buddy Phone is newly designed. State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing circuitry (DSP – known as ” Software Defined Radio”) has been incorporated ensuring great performance and clarity. The new DSP Squelch circuitry is the industry leader. The SP-100D2 will operate with all single sideband acoustic underwater devices within range and on the same frequency. The user simply places the SP-100D2 Buddy Phone in a secure area, lowers the 35′ transducer cable in the water, turn...

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  • Nominal Range: 50-500m*
  • Channels: 1 & 4
  • Output Power: (watts) 0.5
  • External Power Source: 12 VDC @ min. 1 amp
  • Microphone/Speakers: Hand held, PTT, dynamic, 500 ohm impedance
  • Battery Type: 8 AA alklaline; or 16 AA alkaline
  • Battery Life (10% duty cycle): 8 cells: 10 hrs; 16 cells: 20 hrs
  • W x H x D: 22.9 x 19.9 x 9.4cm (9″ x 7.85″ x 3.70″)
  • Weight: 1.13kg (2.5lbs)