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Please note: This item is classed as a dangerous good so we are unable to send to customers outside of the UK. ABOUT SUIT SEAL Suit Seal is a compound for permanently bonding and creating a waterproof seal on many materials. It offers incredible strength and resistance to abrasion, whilst allowing extensive flexibility and remaining waterproof. Suit Seal is a high viscosity substance in a gel form which when cured becomes a clear elastic urethane rubber. A Suit Seal repair is a permanently...

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Everlasting Neoprene Dry Suit

By Berny Marsden on 17 Sep. 2015

I have used Suit Seal many times for repairs to my neoprene drysuit. It thoroughly soaks into the fabric outer layer and penetrates tears and cracks giving a really sound repair. It dries in under an hour and is fully cured in 12 hours. I even repaired a split seam in my neoprene hood which has stood up to being stretched many times as I pull it over my head.