Specially formulated to lubricate latex neck and/or wrist seals, to assist getting in and out of any drysuit featuring latex seals.

This Northern Diver drysuit talcum powder should also be applied to 'dry' seals, prior to storage, to help extend the life of your drysuits latex seals.

Consists of pure (unscented) talcum powder, supplied in a handy 100g container, with a twist-lock dispenser.

An essential 'dive kit box' or 'drysuit bag' item, for anyone with a drysuit featuring latex seals.

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Essential Dive Kit

By Kevin Storey on 24 Aug. 2016

Bought a Northern Diver Vortex drysuit many years ago and I have enjoyed years of dry dives. However, after a sea dive in the Irish sea I (stupidly) forgot to rinse and dry off my latex neck seal. When I next came to need my drysuit, the result was what I can only describe as black glue..! Northern Diver fitted a new latex neck seal in record time and gave me a free tub of this ‘seal saver’. Previously, due to poor advice, I had been using the seal lube (not talc) and it seems that this had been a contributory factor to my neck seals demise. I now keep a tub of NDiver talc in my dive kit bag and ALWAYS use liberally before storing my drysuit. Thanks Northern Diver, great service, great advice and the talc does exactly what it says on the tin. Cheers guys.


  • Consists of Pure, Unscented, Talcum Powder
  • Specially Formulated to Lubricate Latex Seals
  • Assists While Using Latex Neck or Wrist Seals
  • Helps Extend the Life of a Drysuits Latex Seals
  • Supplied in a Handy 100g Container
  • Essential Dive Kit Box or Drysuit Bag Item