Varilux Digital Display Charger (For Tec, Micro, 3500, Travel II)



The Varilux 1200 L2 Charger is one of our most versatile. The Varilux L2 Charger is a 2-slot lithium-ion rechargeable battery charger with an LCD display. We class it as an intelligent charger because it displays battery percentage, charging time, battery voltage and charging current, all in real time. This not only helps you plan your charging time better but also provides information that ensures your rechargeable batteries are safe. Not only can you power the two slot charger using a standa...

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  • Intelligent 2-slot Li-ion Battery Charger
  • Input: 5.0V 2.0A
  • Output: 4.2V±1% 0.5A / 1.0A
  • Compatible with 10440/14500/16340/16650/18350/ 18500/18650/26650 Li-ion rechargeable battery