Included in this bundle

The following items are included within this bundle. Some of these items may require additional configuration prior to purchase. The availability of each item is dependent on your chosen requirements.

Air Gun Charging Cylinder 7lt 300bar


7 Ltr 300BAR high quality cylinder fitted with the gun charging valve dedicated to safe filling of pneumatic pre-charged air guns.

The design features an integrated gauge to show the pressure you have filled your air gun to.

Cylinder and charging valve must be bought as a complete set from Northern Diver. 
For safety reasons charging valve cannot be sold separate. 


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  • 7 Litre 300 Bar FABER Steel Cylinder
  • Integrated gauge for accurate charging
  • Valve - To control the pressure as you fill your air gun
  • Bleed Valve - To allow you to safely disconnect air gun after filling
  • Hose outlet with anti-kink spring to suit almost any air gun (you will need the specific adaptor for your brand of airgun)