Cylinder Boots


CYLINDER SIZES: 4.5” (11.4cm) Boot Fits 3L Tanks, 6” (15.3cm) Boot Fits 7L Tanks, 7” (17.8cm) Boot Fits 10L & 12L Tall Tanks, 8” (20.3cm) Boot Fits 12L Dumpy & 15L Tanks


Stop your bottle falling over - This rubber boot simply pushes on to the the bottom of your cylinder and gives a flat base to help prevent the bottle from falling over. Protect the base of your cylinders - The flat bottoms allow the cylinders to stand upright and are vented with ribs and drain holes to allow water to drain away to help prevent corrosion. Designed fit perfectly over the bottom of your steel diving cylinder, providing superb impact protection and improved stability, when back...

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Great Product for Faber Cylinders

By Marten on 28 Jul. 2016

I purchased these cylinder boots at the same time as I purchased 4 Faber cylinders (12L). I am satisfied so far, great product for the right price.