Varilux Torch USB Car Charging Adaptor



Get the most out of your gadgets with this USB car charger. The 5V 2.1A car adaptor was made for use with our Varilux Travel Dive Torch but it can also be used to recharge or power all USB devices that need 2.1A output. With this high powered USB car charger, you will be able to fast charge almost all USB devices quickly and efficiently. This compact universal travel charger is a great gadget to keep with you in the car and the built in short circuit and over charging protection ensures your g...

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  • 5V
  • 2.1A Port
  • Blue LED light when plugged in
  • Fire retardant material which has been tested to over 120 degrees
  • Overcharge, over current, short-circuit and over temperature protection
  • Compliant with CE, RoHS and FC standards