Varilux Micro Rechargeable Dive Light Torch



A powerful, rechargeable dive light specially designed for underwater use.The Varilux Micro, for your convenience, is an ultra-compact and lightweight dive torch – it serves as the perfect solution for your lighting needs. The maximum output of 850 lumens will burn for approximately two hours and on the lowest output of 80 lumens, it will last approximately 28 hours. Like most torches in our Varilux range, light output is controlled via a magnetic induction switch. Producing much more power th...

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Excellent travel torch.

By Bill Miller on 21 May. 2023

Bought 2 of these, for my wife, at the dive show. Just been using them on night dives in Bali. Nice bright light in a small package. The boss loves them. Recommended.

Brilliant little torch

By Julian on 02 Oct. 2023

Used this for the first time on a Liverboard on night dives and worked great as a primary light. It lasts for two hours on green and about 50 mins on red so no worries about when to change it. Very light and small which makes it great for putting in your pocket or clipping it to a D ring. The other good thing is you don’t have to bring batteries with you being a sealed unit.

Great little torch

By Chris Bashforth on 10 Oct. 2023

Have been using this torch in the UK for a couple of years - in UK conditions it's great as a spare/backup torch. In warmer climes when luggage weight is limited it's great as a primary. Very robust, surprisingly bright tight spot and dimmable when you don't want to loose your night vision. Great for any outdoor sports - sailing, camping, ... Highly recommended.