ULB-364 Underwater Location Beacons


The ULB-364 underwater location beacon is a cost effective acoustic relocation pinger, designed for rigorous offshore use. Using off-the-shelf 9V alkaline or lithium batteries, the ULB 364 is ideal for marking underwater sites or equipment when cost is a factor. The ULB-364 can be ordered to meet unique needs, with options for different frequencies, acoustic outputs and activation methods. The ULB-364EL Extended Beacon is the right choice when deployment lengths are longer than 5 months. A...

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  • Frequencies: 27, 37, 45kHz
  • Acoustic output: 0.125, 0.5, 2W
  • Pulse length: 5ms
  • Pulse repetition: 1 pulse/sec
  • Activation: Battery installation
  • Power source: 2x 9V alkaline / 2x 9V lithium
  • Operating depth: 1250m
  • Housing material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: Length: 32.25cm Diameter: 6.35cm
  • Battery life:
  • 9V Alkaline: 0.125W - 150 days, 0.5W - 45 days, 2W - 16 days
  • 9V Lithium: 0.125W - 350 days, 0.5W - 130 days, 2W - 48 days