V4 Dry Glove Ring System



Our innovative Dry Glove Ring System is trusted by recreational, technical and commercial divers around the world and used in an incredibly diverse range of diving conditions, including contaminated water environments. This latest version features a slimmer design, making it lighter and less bulky - in fact it is an incredible 33% smaller than earlier versions! The system has been designed for use with neoprene or membrane drysuits that have either latex OR neoprene wrist seals. The fitting of...

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Easiest dry glove system I've used

By Andy Clark on 18 Dec. 2020

Moving more into technical diving my kit needs to perform well in and out of the water. That means gloves need to be easy to fit, wear and maintain. The new V4 Glove system certainly ticks all of those boxes. The system comes complete with inner and outer gloves, some spares and the service tool. By far the easiest ring system I have ever used with a locking mechanism for added security. Combined with a neoprene dry suit cuff, I have changed the glove to a larger and more rugged ‘marigold’ to allow me to wear multiple under gloves and keep my hands warm. This looses some of the dexterity but makes up it with the warmth and comfort required in long, deep, technical dives during the winter months in 4-6 deg of water

Great service & product

By Peter (via Trustpilot) on 14 Jun. 2021

Ordered 2 pairs of dry gloves V4 to replace our old V1, especially as we have changed our old waterproof dry suits for three with neoprene cuffs. Very quick delivery. Far less bulky fitting and easier to fit. Outer gloves are a big improvement as well. Very competitive price compared to other dry glove. Early days but looking forward to giving them lots of use.

V4 Dry Gloves

By Gary Pitman (via Trustpilot) on 14 Jun. 2021

Bought v4 dry gloves. Easy to fit yourself especially using northern divers videos. Nice to have warm hands after dive.

V4 Drysuit Gloves

By John Howard (via Trustpilot) on 14 Jun. 2021

Prior to making my new purchase, I called ND with a few questions regarding the item. All were answered, the item ordered with a speedy delivery. I have yet to fit the gloves and test them out due to an injury to my hand, but the YouTube video seems straight forward.


  • Quick release and re-fit system
  • Revolutionary twin-safe locking ring mechanism
  • Easy to use and no assistance needed
  • Drysuit wrists stay sealed when gloves are removed
  • 3 sets of inner rings included for variable drysuit thickness
  • Chemical resistant Ansell gloves
  • Resistant to contaminating agents such as oil, hydrocarbons and acid
  • Internal anti-bacterial treatment
  • Textured fingers and palms for grip. Ansell glove cut, tear and puncture resistant
  • Industry-leading grip and excellent dexterity
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils and grease – gloves also have good grip in these conditions
  • Snug fit around wrist area for additional thermal protection
  • Removable for warmer waters or for use post dive
  • Thermal fleece inner glove included with 4-way stretch fleece construction
  • 2 dry glove modules - 33% smaller than the previous version!