V4 Dry Glove Ring System



Our innovative Dry Glove Ring System is trusted by recreational, technical and commercial divers around the world and used in an incredibly diverse range of diving conditions, including contaminated water environments. This latest version features a slimmer design, making it lighter and less bulky - in fact it is an incredible 33% smaller than earlier versions! The system has been designed for use with neoprene or membrane drysuits that have either latex OR neoprene wrist seals. The fitting of...

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Easiest dry glove system I've used

By Andy Clark on 18 Dec. 2020

Moving more into technical diving my kit needs to perform well in and out of the water. That means gloves need to be easy to fit, wear and maintain. The new V4 Glove system certainly ticks all of those boxes. The system comes complete with inner and outer gloves, some spares and the service tool. By far the easiest ring system I have ever used with a locking mechanism for added security. Combined with a neoprene dry suit cuff, I have changed the glove to a larger and more rugged ‘marigold’ to allow me to wear multiple under gloves and keep my hands warm. This looses some of the dexterity but makes up it with the warmth and comfort required in long, deep, technical dives during the winter months in 4-6 deg of water

Great service & product

By Peter (via Trustpilot) on 14 Jun. 2021

Ordered 2 pairs of dry gloves V4 to replace our old V1, especially as we have changed our old waterproof dry suits for three with neoprene cuffs. Very quick delivery. Far less bulky fitting and easier to fit. Outer gloves are a big improvement as well. Very competitive price compared to other dry glove. Early days but looking forward to giving them lots of use.

V4 Dry Gloves

By Gary Pitman (via Trustpilot) on 14 Jun. 2021

Bought v4 dry gloves. Easy to fit yourself especially using northern divers videos. Nice to have warm hands after dive.

V4 Drysuit Gloves

By John Howard (via Trustpilot) on 14 Jun. 2021

Prior to making my new purchase, I called ND with a few questions regarding the item. All were answered, the item ordered with a speedy delivery. I have yet to fit the gloves and test them out due to an injury to my hand, but the YouTube video seems straight forward.

Big Hands

By Bob Barker on 06 Oct. 2021

I bought a MTM suit with drygloves. Unfortunately the rings are not made for big hands so I had to return them. Shame because they looked pretty good.

I should have fitted these years ago!

By James Tyler on 27 Oct. 2021

After several years of cold hands diving at Stoney Cove in the winter I finally made the decision to fit a set of Northern Diver V4 Dry Gloves to my drysuit. I have an Aqualung Blizzard Pro which is a neoprene dry suit with latex cuffs and the excellent video made by Northen Diver gave me confidence to fit the V4 dry gloves myself. I am really pleased with the results. I've now been on a number of 40+ minute dives to 20m in water no warmer than 10 degrees and my hands are dry and they simply dont get cold. Advice based on my experience which may be of use: Watch the video several times before you fit the system. Do a 'dry run' and actually put your dry suit on and then loosely assemble the dry glove modules onto the sleeves, put on the gloves and 'plug' them on and secure with the locking ring. Then use a white marker pen or chalk to mark on your cuffs where the edges of the modules need to be located. If you dont do this, it seems to me you are at risk of only guessing the correct position of where you need to anchor the modules along your drysuit sleeves. After some trial and error I found that the blue 'sealing rings' provided with the kit were the best choice with my thicker neoprene suit. After fitting the system, I initially tested for a water tight seal by submerging the fitted dry gloves into the kitchen sink full of water and leaving it for an hour or so. Some leakage highlighted that I needed to tighten up the modules even more than I first anticipated, using the locking tool provided in the kit. I ordered the 'medium' size glove kit based on my handsize. Combined with the inner thermal gloves that come in the kit, this is keeping my hands warm for an hour in water at 10 degrees. I also bought a separate spare set of the Ansell gloves that work with this kit in XL size. I've found that I can wear a pair of 'thinsulate' thick thermal gloves under these XL gloves and I still have enough dexterity. I think these will needed when the water drops to 6 or 7 degrees in the colder months. The glove system is designed in such a way that you can change the gloves on the detachable component with relative ease. To conclude; I would not want to return to a non-dry gloves system now. The Northern Diver V4 Dry Glove Ring System is excellent!

V4 Dry...

By Paul Pemberton (via Trustpilot) on 11 Nov. 2021

Just been and tried out my new V4 dry gloves by Northern diver's. The cuff ring is a lot smaller , easier to get on & off ,what more can I say just perfect. Thank you Northern diver

Easy to fit

By John Maughan (via Trustpilot) on 11 Nov. 2021

Easy to order. Easy to fit. Watch the video.

Northern Diver V4 Dry Gloves

By Customer (via Trustpilot) on 19 April 2022 on 20 Apr. 2022

First time dealing with them and all good . Great dry gloves and great service. Gloves turned up late afternoon, both fitted that day and used that day as well . Best gloves ever fitted or used

Very Nice

By Philippe (via Trustpilot) in Jan '24 - translated from French on 10 Jan. 2024

I am delighted with the V4 Dry Glove Ring System for my neoprene drysuit. The video for the assembly is very well done, easy to put together. easy to put on the gloves alone. Here in Belgium in winter the water is 3 to 4 degrees. and I can tell you that the V4s do the job very well. I can only recommend Northern Diver Ltd to divers because they are very serious, delivery is fast and there is no extra tax when going through customs for Europe. I will recommend diving equipment from them. Value for money 10/10. Thanks to Northern diver.


  • Quick release and re-fit system
  • Revolutionary twin-safe locking ring mechanism
  • Easy to use and no assistance needed
  • Drysuit wrists stay sealed when gloves are removed
  • 3 sets of inner rings included for variable drysuit thickness
  • Chemical resistant Ansell gloves
  • Resistant to contaminating agents such as oil, hydrocarbons and acid
  • Internal anti-bacterial treatment
  • Textured fingers and palms for grip. Ansell glove cut, tear and puncture resistant
  • Industry-leading grip and excellent dexterity
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils and grease – gloves also have good grip in these conditions
  • Snug fit around wrist area for additional thermal protection
  • Removable for warmer waters or for use post dive
  • Thermal fleece inner glove included with 4-way stretch fleece construction
  • 2 dry glove modules - 33% smaller than the previous version!