RR3 Rescue Sled


COLOUR: Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red


The compact, stable RR3 rescue sled is an effective craft across multiple applications. It can be employed as a vehicle to reach the point of rescue and be paddled or towed by the operative. It can equally be towed by motorised water craft, for example a small boat or jet ski. Deck space is generous, with a ten centimetre thick double-walled floor and two wide sponsons either side, which provides a safe area for the casualty. The stern is open to aid swift recovery. Remote bodies of water, flo...

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An excellent product

By Volunteer Officer Andy Smith MVS, Head of Unit, Maritime Volunteer Service (Rushden Unit) on 29 Jul. 2016

An excellent product. Lightweight, tough, easily transportable, quick to inflate.

Great little sled

By Dan on 08 Jan. 2019

This sled is the baby version of the RR4, i have used both variations and found that they both perform very well in any fast water. The floor on this sled is very hard giving a good platform when on the boat in fast water. Steering the boat with the provided oars is easily a one man job. The grab handles on the back of the sled are very robust and are easily accessible. All in all this is a very good, robust and great to use in difficult situations.

Good Times!!

By Kathy Drenth on 23 Sep. 2022

We are so happy with the functionality and performance. Our divers especially like them as they offer support without the threat of a motor. Kudos to your company!


  • Overall length: 300cm
  • Overall width: 113cm
  • Internal width: 73cm
  • Sponson/pontoon diameter: 20cm
  • Floor materials: DWF
  • Floor thickness: 10cm
  • Inflatable only weight: 22kg
  • Gross weight: 27.5kg
  • Carton/packing dimensions: 110*50*32cm
  • Chambers: 2+1
  • Max inlet fill (sponsons): 0.35bar/5psi
  • Max inlet fill (floor): 0.7bar/10psi
  • 316 stainless steel D-rings: 4S+7M
  • Handles: 6+4
  • Max loading: 350kg
  • Max persons: 3+1