RR2 Rescue Sled



A versatile water rescue craft for use in rivers, lakes, flooded areas and remote bodies of water. The RR2 rescue sled was developed as a casualty transfer system for use across a wide range of water rescue scenarios. It's designed to be easy to manoeuvre and can be paddled, pulled by in-water personnel or towed by a motor boat or a jet ski to the point of rescue. When attached to the side of a boat or a pontoon, the sled can act as a platform for enabling the easy recovery of casualties. A va...

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  • Overall length - 300cm
  • Overall width - 100cm
  • Internal width - N/A
  • Sponson/pontoon dia. - N/A
  • Floor materials - DWF
  • Floor thickness - 15cm
  • Gross weight - 23.7kg
  • Carton/packing dims. - 110*60*28cm
  • Chambers - 1
  • Max inlet fill (floor) - 0.7bar/10psi
  • SS316 stainless steel D-rings - 4S+10M+5L
  • Handles - 6+5
  • Max loading - 300kg
  • Max persons - 2+1