TAC-300 Combat Swim Board


Smaller and lighter than the TAC-100, the TAC-300 integrates a highly accurate compass and a digital depth gauge/timer on to a rugged plastic board. To maintain bearing position and accuracy, the TAC-300 uses the BENS C1150 underwater compass. The large compass dial, with advanced luminous properties, makes navigating easy - even in the poorest visibility. In addition, an electronic “V-Lite” illuminates the compass to ensure high visibility of the compass heading. Diver depth, total dive and...

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  • Size of board: L 25.5cm
  • W 17cm
  • H 6.3cm
  • Total weight in air: 1.2kg
  • Board material: PEP
  • Compass illumination: Electronic “V-Lite”
  • Compass card bearings: 10° markings
  • Illumination: Up to 8 hours
  • Compass card tilt: 40°
  • Size: D 122mm
  • H 72.5mm
  • Weight in air: 400g
  • Depth rated: 70m